Hydraulic hoses use & maintenance

During use, a hose can be subjected to many effects for which it has not been foreseen.
Obviously, it is recommended to use a hose according to data sheets concerning working pressure, temperature, bend radius... Please contact us in case of doubt on the combination of the different factors.

Protection in service

Accessories destined to protect hoses can be found at the end of this catalogue. The GA sheath is made from braided fibre glass with silicon induction, available in various thicknesses and a large range of diameters for heat protection of hose. The GC sheath is in SBR/EPDM on a textile support affording mechanical and ultraviolet protection.


Hoses should be handled with precaution, must not be dragged over abrasive or sharp surfaces, avoid knotting, trampling or flattening under vehicles.

Products conveyed

Please consult us should the hose be used for a product different than the one foreseen.
A chemical compatibility chart for hose inner tubes can be found this website.


Should the relative movement result in a torsion of the hose, end connections should be modified to give way to a flexion of the hose rather than torsion.

Tensile strength

Please consult us with details of any pulling forces that our hoses could be subjected to.

Protection of operators

High pressure hoses, when used in the presence of operators, should be equipped with our patented protecalan® sheathing, combining anti-whip cables and spray-guard.
The combination of these two devices ensures the total protection of operators in conformity with NF EN ISO 4413 which defines the general rules relative to hydraulic installations.
Once per year, it is recommended that hoses be visually inspected after cleaning.
The following defects should impose the replacement of the hose :
- leaks or traces thereof
- ripped or torn outer cover
- slipping of end-fitting
- abrasion or notches leaving reinforcement exposed

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