MANUCLAIR® braided pvc tubes are comprised of a flexible translucent pvc inner tube (abbreviation of soft polyvinyl chloride), a single braid of white polyester yarn and a flexible PVC coating.
The inner tube is obtained by extrusion.
It is then cooled before passing through a vertical braider and an angle extrusion head which deposits the outer cover.
MANUCLAIR® tubes are :
- Food quality.
- Translucent rendering the conveyed product visible.
- Flexible.
- Resistant to many common products.
Even though they are less flexible, less sturdy and accept lower working temperatures than their rubber counterparts, MANULEF® tubes are universally used for their main qualities : food compatibility, translucent aspect and resistance to many fluids.
Admissible working temperatures of manuclair® tubes range from 0°C to +60°C.
Marking of tubes is as follows : tecalemit flexibles - manuclair - ID x OD - PS/WP 20 bars 23° - batch N° - Alimentaire

MALUFORM® tubes are comprised of an aluminium sheet covered on both faces by a polyethylene film then covered by a polyethylene coating.
This construction, very light, combines certain advantages of metal tubes and plastic tubes.
The maluform® tube can be cold shaped without any tools and is resistant to corrosion and atmospheric agents.
It can also be buried or sunk in reinforced concrete. it is possible to use push-in fittings on this tube.
Consequently, MALUFORM® tube can be found in pneumatic instrumentation, confined spaces or in humid or corrosive atmospheres.
Working temperatures of maluform® tubes range from -30°C to +70°C with peaks up to 80°C.
In general, maluform® tubes are produced in long lengths on wooden reels.
They are then repacked in 25 metre or 100 metre reels.
MALUFORM® tubes are of black colour.
Marking of tubes is as follows : MALUFORM - Outer Dia. - Part N° - TECALEMIT FLEXIBLES - batch N°

Part n° Outer diameter
Bend radius
Breaking resistance
Working pressure
0010710000 6 +/-0,10 25 25 45 17,5
0010720000 8 +/-0,10 42 30 60 17,5
0010730000 10 +/-0,10 48 50 110 17,5
0010740000 12 +/-0,12 59 70 135 15
0010750000 14 +/-0,15 73 90 135 15

Other sizes on request

Manuflex® tubes are comprised of an NBR nitrile rubber inner tube, a single galvanised steel braid and an outer cover in translucent flexible PVC.
The inner tube is obtained by extrusion.
It is then braided in a horizontal braider and passes through an angle head extruder which applies the outer cover in translucent polyvinyl chloride to protect the steel braid from external aggression.
Manuflex® tubes are :
- Very robust with regards to impacts.
- Highly polyvalent.
- Very flexible.
- Easy to maintain.
Very flexible, Manuflex® tube is highly safe for everday use. its burst pressure is very high and its translucent PVC outer cover, whilst protecting the steel braid, allows users to check the condition of same.
It is for this reason that this is used as a multipurpose hose in the chemical industry.
Admissible working temperatures of Manuflex® tubes range from 0°C to +60°C.
Marking of manuflex tubes is as follows : tecalemit flexibles - part N° - manuflex - ID - batch N°

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